About Us

Blendbyte is your partner in all things' corporate cloud and software. We offer custom-built cloud- and software solutions for your projects.

The members of our founding team were early entrepreneurs and advocates for cloud-services in different tech and media companies and decided to bundle up their decades of experience and expertise back in 2015 and eventually establish the Blendbyte brand in 2020.

Today, Blendbyte is responsible for various website and application services of middle to huge scale, all hosted on our custom, purpose-built cloud systems - entirely managed and worry-free for our customers.

Contrary to our growth and current scale, we still maintain a personal relationship with all our customers: Regular checkins, recommendations for optimisations and personal contact is key for us.

We maintain offices in Taipei, Taiwan and in Berlin, Germany - but we operate world-wide and are a full-remote company.

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About Us

Why Blendbyte?

A very good question indeed! Let us give you just a few pointers that we think makes us standout and make us proud.

  • 15+ Years Experience

    We know what we're doing. Each member of our management team has more than 15 years experience in (cloud-) hosting or software engineering. Our team is highly trained and is more than capable to handle their tasks beyond your expectations.
  • Personal Support

    Our customers are not just a number - we know all of our customers with their needs, requirements and expectations. No more first-level support, with us there is only one level: Personal!
  • Completely Custom

    We build our services entirely according to your needs, so you only pay for what you really need - no overhead or upsells. And no worries, we are flexible and nothing is ever set in stone with a long-term contract.
  • Worldwide Locations

    We work with pretty much every cloud company on the planet and can host your project anywhere in the world. We even work on a location on Mars as we speak!
  • No Vendor Lock-In

    We deploy where it makes sense. Not every project needs a full-blast AWS or Google Cloud setup for thousands of dollars. We work with all the players on the market to offer the best product.
  • Privacy Focused

    What a buzzword these days, we know. But we do not just advertise with it, we live and breathe privacy and safety of your data and information. We are fully in compliance with GDPR, too.
  • EU Subsidiary

    We also have a solution for even the tightest data-privacy requirements: with our EU subsidiary company in Germany we are able to offer our services to our EU customers to be 100% GDPR-compliant.
  • Entirely Remote

    Our team works entirely remote and is situated across the world, wherever they feel comfortable to offer the best service. And the best thing: There's always someone available around the clock!

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Perfect! Our team is happy to help and to answer all your questions about Blendbyte and our services.

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